The 5 Steps Our Clients Use To Sell Their Services Online and Earn 5-Figures in Revenue Monthly

(even if they've never done it before, even in the midst of COVID)





What will you learn:

  • How we made $44,000 in sales in 2 months, as a TOTAL newbie to the market and how you can too!
  • How to stop spending your money on the WRONG things, thinking you will grow your business, and finally get a strategy that actually works
  • Why global markets are the secret to getting even better income than you have ever imagined if you live in Africa, Asia and Europe.
  • What people who advertise for clients effectively DON’T tell you. (HiNT: It’s the #1 reason that your marketing strategy is NOT working!)
  • The ONLY proven way to consistent revenue for your services, and its NOT social media marketing!
  • AND... how to do ALL of this while making a difference in the world, building freedom and securing your future and that of your family!!

Jacqueline Tsuma

Jacqueline Tsuma is the founder & CEO of JT Consulting, and a digital technology expert and business coach. She's helped consultants, investors and professionals from Africa and Asia based all over the world grow their cashflow to 4 and 5-figures per month, while making an impact in their world.